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Flagstaff Shelter Services

City Council meeting

Arizona Snowbowl


There are distinct differences between me and my opponent.  Because she has been a councilmember while I have been Mayor, we have voted on the same issues.  Here are some of the differences in our voting:

Property Tax:  A difference between me and my opponent is that I do not believe in raising taxes if there is not a definite need.  Through four budget cycles I have never voted to raise property taxes.  She has voted "yes" every time.  A few months ago she voted to raise property taxes 10%  (Council meeting February 15-16, 2016)  She failed.

Arizona Snowbowl:  I appreciate the boost in our winter economy brought by the Snowbowl.  I appreciate the large amount of money paid to our local resident employees.  I think the Snowbowl is a great amenity for Flagstaff and it has been for 77 years.  I like the idea that it buys our reclaimed water in the winter when no one else does. My opponent does not like the Snowbowl.  (Council meeting March 8, 2016, 7:00 pm) 


Public Votes:  Several amendments to the City Charter were proposed by a citizens' committee in June of 2015.  These included possible term limits for council and mayor and the term of the mayor.  My position was to let the voters decide.  My opponent did not want the citizens to be able to vote on the issues.  (Agenda item 15-c, Council meeting June 16, 2015)

Little America Expansion:  In 2013 Little America proposed a plan to greatly enhance and expand their facility into a major destination resort and conference center.  I voted in favor (I think Little America is a first class operation).  My opponent voted "no".  The plan was approved.  Little America is finishing a major renovation of its existing facility now.

Homeless Shelter:  Flagstaff Shelter Services, which operates the homeless shelter, was about to temporarily close in 2013 for lack of funds.  The City has a specific account for emergency housing.  I voted to give the shelter $5,000.  My opponent voted "no".  (Agenda item 14-A, council meeting October 15, 2013.