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Veterans' Home

John Stigmon (ECONA), Councilmember Jeff Oravits, Billy Weldon, Mayor Jerry Nabours, and Tom Isakson (Veterans' Resource Centers of America) in Phoenix to testify before Senate budget committee at State Capitol.

We have a plan for a Veterans' assisted living facility in Flagstaff

The plan is a 3-way partnership between the city, the state and the federal government.

  • The city's role is to donate the land with a road and utilities.  We have already done that.  The proposed site is located up on McMillan Mesa.
  • The state's role is to provide $10 million for construction. 
  • Then the federal government puts in $20 million to complete the project.


In May, 2016 the state approved a budget that included $10 million for a veteran's facility in Flagstaff.  That was no easy task.  Councilmember Jeff Oravits and I started the ball rolling by requesting our senator, Sylvia Allen, to initiate the process.  Jeff and I spoke at three different legislative hearings in Phoenix.  For months we have lobbied numerous senators and representatives to keep our request alive.  We called in every favor and finally we were elated when the funds were approved -- against very long odds!

This effort would not have succeeded without collaboration between the city and the state.  It is significant to note that a few months earlier, my opponent (a city council member) had made a motion to sue the state over the control of plastic bags.  (Agenda item 15-A, December 1, 2015).  Such a lawsuit would have probably torpedoed any hope of getting $10 million from the state for our veterans.  Her motion failed.